Baythe Linen & Laundry

We maintain a commitment to ensuring every aspect of our operation is as energy efficient as possible. We invest in innovative equipment to ensure our operation is constantly transitioning to more environmentally sustainable practices.

Energy Efficiency Focus

Our operations prioritise energy efficiency. We invest in innovative equipment to continually transition to more environmentally sustainable practices, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We also use a heat exchanger system that recycles hot water from the machines.


Chemical Management

Partnering with Ecolab, a leading laundry chemical manufacturer – we use computer-controlled dosage pumps to minimise chemical use and reduce waste and environmental impact.


Environmental Protections

Our stringent environmental safeguards include double-walled tanks, which act to prevent spillage through containing any potential breaches. Our chemical area is also surrounded by bunting to further ensure containment.


Rainwater Harvesting

We’ve invested in rainwater harvesting by collecting and storing rainwater during the winter months. This resource is integrated into our laundry processes which helps to not only reduce our water usage, but also promote water conservation.


Gas Drying

We utilise gas-powered dryers in our operations. These state-of-the-art dryers have significantly reduced our gas consumption by an impressive 25 per cent. The dryers not only benefit the environment, but also help us to align with our commitment to sustainability and efficiency.